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Supercharge your gameplay with mods

Your game will never be the same due to stunning modifications, skins, optimization and especially graphic packs and mods.

4.3/5 Trustpilot rating

FiveM Compatible

300 000 downloads

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Rediscover GTA 5 in your Way

Up to 600 mods in the library


Accessories, clothes, vests, boots and a lot more!


New roads, skies, streetlights, clouds, models and vegetation.

Ultra Graphics

Enjoy every moment of in-game with graphics overhauls.

Visual & Sound FX

Realistic gun sounds, hit effects, tracers, and aims.

Weapon Skins

Over 200 weapon skins for all weapons available for FiveM.

your garageyour rules

You can replace the vanilla car with a realistic car as you wish. Find a car you like, select the standard car you want to replace, and enjoy it in single-player and on most FiveM servers.

Choose the GTA 5 that fits you best

FiveMods Free
  • Hundreds of mods & skins
  • Autoinstall on GTA 5 & FiveM
  • FiveM Redux & Grove Graphics
  • Real cars for FiveM
  • FPS boost & AI optimization
  • 24/7 technical support
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Sale 5%
from 4.99$/mo 8.99$
  • Everything in FiveMods Free and..
  • Ray Fusion, Iconic Visuals, Lumen
  • Premium graphics packs
  • Premium overhaul mods & skins
  • Downloads without queuing
  • No download limits

FiveM modding is easier with FiveMods

Create your own GTA

Customize your GTA 5 as you wish: choose any mods and combine them with no limits.


Easier than ever: explore the library, preview, save and enjoy your game: all mods are installed automatically.

Powerful game optimization

Boost your game by 60FPS using an advanced optimization tool.

Unique content you won’t find anywhere else

Our authors create exclusive mods available only in FiveMods to maintain the highest quality for our users.

Tailored for FiveM servers

All mods are compatible with FiveM, giving no advantage over other players, so you can play without a chance of being banned.

Still living in GTA 5 of 2013? Jump in 2024!

Find various FPS-friendly graphic mods to make your GTA 5 more realistic

Screenshots with our mods
gta 5 car mod
gta 5 weapon skins
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 car mod
gta 5 weapon skins
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 car mod
gta 5 weapon skins
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 car mod
gta 5 weapon skins
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 car mod
gta 5 weapon skins
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 car mod
gta 5 weapon skins
gta 5 graphics
gta 5 graphics

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Frequent questions

Can I use FiveMods for free?

Yes, you can always download FiveMods and check features before getting any subscription. You are not limited in time and use over 200 FiveM mods available from the start.

Can I use FiveMods on all FiveM servers?

Our app does not support any hacks or FiveM mods that grant in-game advantage over other players. However, there are restrictions on FiveM servers that does not allow you to use even simple modifications, so you should check the requirements before using any FiveM mods.

Besides modifications, how can I benefit from optimization feature?

Our in-game optimization allows you to change covert graphics settings, render distance, turn off garbage objects, snow/rain toggle, shadows, particles, fog, glare and rays as well as grass. In total you can get over 60FPS boost even on low-end PCs.

How to install FiveM mods to use them in game?

All the GTA 5 mods you have in FiveMods will be installed automatically. You can preview, choose, download and install any modifications available with one click and no manual actions.

Can I use FiveMods with third party mods such as NVE and QuantV?

Yes, you can install any graphics mods and play with mods from FiveMods too! In this scenario, you can install content from the Modifications section, but the optimization features will not be available. Mods of other type also compatible with FiveMods, but we can't guarantee the absence of conflicts. So try it yourself.