Refund, Fees & Payment


While using the website is free, there may be fees associated with certain services. These costs are always disclosed on the website and at the moment of purchase, together with any applicable taxes and other fees. You may find out more about our prices and charges at If services are not cancelled in advance of twenty-four (24) hours before the end of the billing period, they will automatically renew.


If you chose a membership level during registration, payment will be due and payable in accordance with those terms. Payment must be made in whole and in advance for the upcoming billing cycle by the initial (1st) day of the billing period. PayPal or a major credit card can be used to make payments.


Users may visit to terminate their use of the products and their accounts at any time.


No refunds will be given for any reason, involving prepaid services that were not fully utilized, unless the terms outlined below are met. The processing of refunds could take up to thirty (30) calendar days. By using FiveMods, you acknowledge that you may only exercise your right to withdraw and request a refund within five (5) days from the date of purchase, and this right will be forfeited if you use the service during that time frame. If you intend to receive a refund before the end of the 5-day period, you must reach out to Customer Support. This refund right is limited to one time per account, per product, per person.